Monday, December 8, 2008

Purr-Fect Kittens

I wanted to share an email with you from Dr. Harriet Blanton, one of the local veterinarians who performs sterilization surgery on DPVHS kittens prior to adoption:

"Dear DPVHS,
I can no longer keep silent about the state of Dakin's kittens.  I have had it up to here with them and must reconsider whether I can continue to do surgery on them.  They are WAY TOO FRIENDLY! THEY PURR WAY TOO MUCH! THEY TAKE NAPS while waiting for their surgery! They CHASE THEIR TAILS and generally have way too much fun! What the heck are you guys doing to them?!

"Seriously now, whatever it is, please keep it up.  I laughed my way through all 16 of them today (or however many it was)--they are a delight. I was forced to just hold one for a while (Ruby, I think her name was), just because she looked a little worried and because I needed a serious kitten fix (as opposed to a silly kitten fix).  It's so nice to do surgery on kittens with some fat on them, and no fleas, and no ear mites. You guys do an awesome job with these little babies and I thank you for it! (although I have had to get a lot more creative in figuring out ways to stop their purring--these guys are tough!). Please pass on my thanks to all the good folks who make these kittens what they are."

There are a whole lot of good folks who make DPVHS kittens what they are. There are the good people in our community who find them and bring them to us (often spaying their mother in the process).  

There are the volunteer foster parents who keep the kittens in their own homes until the kittens are fat, healthy, and well socialized (did you know that more than 80% of all kittens admitted to DPVHS will need foster care prior to placement?).  

There are the well-trained DPVHS staff who will perform blood tests, administer vaccines, treat parasites, and cuddle every kitten who comes through.  

There are the dedicated shelter volunteers who clean cages, fluff up the pillows, and play with the kittens during their stay with us.  
There are the local veterinarians who discount their services to allow each DPVHS kitten to be neutered prior to adoption.  

And, finally, there are our angels who bring the whole thing full circle by coming into the adoption center, falling in love, and taking a new kitten (or cat, or dog) home for the rest of her life.

Thank you all for making DPVHS kittens so purr-fect!

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