Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birds of a Feather

When most people think about humane societies, they think about cats and dogs. Maybe rabbits. But birds?

In fact, DPVHS provides shelter and adoption for more than 50 homeless birds each year. From tiny finches to parakeets and doves; from lovebirds and cockatiels to large parrots…birds of all shapes and sizes find refuge and new homes through Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society’s adoption centers. Many birds come to us because their people did not realize how much work caring for a bird can be.

Here are a few things to consider before adopting a bird:

Even though many people keep birds in their home, birds are not domesticated animals. They are the wild native species of other countries (which raises some real issues about the international bird trade and the inherent cruelty of removing animals from the wild and forcing them to live in cages).

Parrots, including lovebirds, parakeets, and cockatiels can be destructive, noisy, and quite messy. Not only that, but some species can live 20 to 50 years or longer. A commitment to a bird is a long one that may have to include provisions for the bird's care in your will!

Despite their chewing, squawking, seed-tossing way, birds are also beautiful and elegant. If you're thinking about acquiring a bird, consider adopting one from a rescue agency. Just as adopting a dog from the humane society instead of purchasing him from a pet store or online breeder helps end the cruelty of puppy mills, adopting your next bird from a rescue helps stop the perpetuation of the international bird trade.

But before you adopt, make sure you do your research. You want to be sure to adopt the kind of bird that will fit your lifestyle and also that you can provide a home that is healthy and fun for you and the bird.

In celebration of National Bird Month, DPVHS, the Springfield Falcons, and Red Robin are joining forces to celebrate our feathered friends and help homeless animals.

This month, you can have fun at the Springfield Falcons while helping DPVHS. On January 30, the Springfield Falcons will play against the Providence Bruins at the MassMutual Center. Tickets are on sale for $10 (regularly $17). $2 from each ticket sold will benefit DPVHS. Purchase two tickets and receive a free appetizer at Red Robin in Holyoke and a chance to win dinner for four!

Falcon ticket order forms are available at DPVHS, 171 Union Street, Springfield, or by calling or e-mailing Julia Kincade at (413) 739-3344 x105

And wait…there’s more! Along with catering to the winning entry, Red Robin will host a 10% night on February 8, 2010 to benefit DPVHS. With presentation of a coupon available through Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society and the Springfield Falcons, 10% of your party’s tab will benefit DPVHS!

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