Monday, March 1, 2010

Dakin's Buddy Fund Saves Lives

Bol has all the outrageous enthusiasm of any 6-month-old pit bull--he jumps, he romps, he loves to chase a ball. And he also has complete fractures to both bones in his right front leg. After being hit by a car in Springfield, Bol ended up at the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society when his person realized he didn't have the money to treat Bol's injuries.

The adoption center veterinary staff have splinted Bol's leg to help it heal. While he's not out of the woods yet, and surgery or a cast may still be needed, Bol is already putting weight on his bum paw and starting to enjoy life again. This afternoon, the veterinary staff were re-wrapping Bol's leg, fashioning a "pee-proof" glove for the splint to keep it from getting soaked every time the rambunctious guy goes for his daily constitutional.

From broken legs to dental extractions, from enucleations to ear infections, Dakin's adoption center veterinary team goes the extra mile to help homeless animals who need to recover from injury, neglect, or abuse before finding their second chance. We're grateful to have talented staff capable of helping animals in need. And we're also grateful that donors to the Dakin Buddy Fund make such treatment possible.

Named for a young shepherd mix with a cardiomyopathy, the Buddy Fund is the special account we use to provide treatment beyond the standard spay/neuter surgery or vaccinations. When an animal comes to us sick or injured, but with good prospects for recovery and a full life in a new home, we call on the Buddy Fund to help him out.

Please consider a donation to the Buddy Fund today. Your gift is a lifesaver.

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