Monday, October 4, 2010

Every Buddy Needs Somebody

The theme of this year's Dakin summer fund drive was "Every buddy needs somebody." Our goal? Raise $15,000 for the Buddy Fund--the emergency medical fund that provides extraordinary care to the sick or injured homeless animals who enter our adoption centers.

Named after Buddy, a young shepherd mix who needed the special attention of a veterinary cardiologist, the Buddy Fund provides care for animals like Big Raul, a Chihuahua mix whose car accident led to the amputation of one of his rear legs. Visitors to Northampton have probably seen little black and tan Raul (now named Cheese Wagstaff) happily hopping around the city streets with his new family.

The Buddy Fund is an essential element to achieving Dakin's goal of Adoption Guarantee by August 2012. As the Pioneer Valley's only non-profit humane society, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to help animals in need. In fact, Dakin's Springfield Adoption & Education Center is currently playing host to Buddy Fund recipient, Bailey.

While big, red Doberman mix Bailey may appear to have little in common with tiny Raul, they both took on traffic and lived to tell about it. Bailey's front leg was broken in an encounter with a car. Thanks to Buddy Fund donors and Dakin adoption center veterinary staff, Bailey is on the mend....and in search of his new family.

Speaking of families...we recently heard from Buddy's people. Adopted in 2007, Buddy, now named Monty, is a star of another kind. His new guardians, Hayley and Adam, are actors with Ashfield's Double Edge Theatre. Monty even had a cameo in this summer's production of The Firebird.

To date, the summer fund drive has raised more than $23,000 to help sick and injured homeless animals. It's never too late to help save a life. Please consider making your gift today.

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