Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Opening Day...of the Kitten Season

Dakin's adoption center veterinary team is scrambling to save a cat and kittens who arrived on our doorstep just moments ago.

Some helpful Springfield residents found the beautiful tabby mother cat giving birth in their garage this morning. After hours of labor, though, the cat appeared to be suffering. The staff at the local emergency veterinary hospital determined that, although two kittens had been born, another kitten remained inside. Fearing that the remaining kitten was dead and that this poor stray cat might require surgery, the emergency clinic sent the people and the foundlings to Dakin for help.

As of this moment, Dr. Spaulding, along with technicians Chrissy and Brittany, are working to spay the mother cat. While they hope to find the remaining kitten alive, they are prepared for the worst. Their expertise will at least save the mother cat's life and, thanks to Dakin's heroic foster parents and the adoption center staff, those two brand new kittens have begun their journey to a better life with a new family.

Dakin's Buddy Fund makes it possible to bring aid to animals like this mom and her babies. Please give generously to make sure this assistance continues.


  1. UPDATE: The Dakin Vet Services team was able to save BOTH Momma Cat and her third kitten.
    Congratulations to Dr. Spaulding, Chrissy & Brittany! Excellent work!

  2. Jody the Leverett VolunteerJuly 1, 2011 at 7:07 PM

    Just want to mention that that last kitten was safely delivered and is now healthy, happy, and ready for adoption, at Dakin's Leverett adoption center! His name is Blinkin and he is rockin' adorable!